Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Five Simple Tips for Anger Control for Men and Women

Students sometimes ask the question, "Hey, Dr. Novick, can you give me some quick tips on how to better manage and control my anger?". The answer to that question is simple on many levels but also complex . The short response is that by participating an anger management class or participating in an online anger management course, one will rapidly be exposed some useful skills in better managing or controlling their impulsive urges .

There is no "quick fix" in anger management. Learning to better control our temper takes both time and energy . Anger management is skill based, and practice is the key to success . Just like getting better at golf, tennis, or math, repetition is paramount for creating and retaining new and improved ways of dealing with anger and stress.

Here are a five simple tips that have helped thousands of previous participants . Reading of them just creates awareness, but learning them will take much more

1. Improve communication and listening skills . Almost 80% of communication is non verbal. Communication is learned, therefore we can learn new and improved ways to getting our point across without hurting others .

2. Gain stress management skills . Simple life adjustments such as getting more sleep, eating correctly , and getting more exercise can make a huge difference in how one feels .

3. Improve empathy towards others. Those that have more empathy report improved relationships with others and a stronger sense of well being.

4. Forgive . Skills in forgiveness give us the ability to let go and not hold on to anger.

5. Take time-outs. an oldie but a goodie . Learn the proper way to take a time out from attending a professional anger management course

Anger management is a personal journey to improve interpersonal skills and better our relationships . Anger can often have lasting and damaging effects on others. Learning anger management tips may not be enough . Taking and successfully completing anger class would be an excellent first step in moving towards the sobriety of anger control .

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