Monday, July 26, 2010

Anger Management Classes Online- Tools and Strategies at your Finger Tips

Anger Management Classes Online- Tools and Strategies at your Finger Tips
One of the beauties of living in a technical age is that information is at our finger tips. Now, more than ever, the ability to access good information and get help is easier than it's ever been in history. The barrier to entry to learn skills in anger management has never been easier either.

Anger management is a class that teaches some very specific skills to help change thinking and behavior. Some of the most effective tools for making these types of changes can be learned by the following:

1. Learning to communicate assertively
2. Becoming more empathic towards others
3. Learning to respond to situations rather than reacting
4. Gaining skills in expectation management
5. Understanding stress and learning to manage it appropriately
6. Becoming a person that can forgive others
7. Improving optimism and self-talk
8. Learning how to take time-outs and cool down

The above anger management strategies can be effective if the participant learns how to incorporate these skills into everyday life. Anger management can be learned effectively both in an online format or in a live format. In one study, found in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, compared the use of both a live program with that of a teleconferencing course with results showing outcomes were identical.

So, there is no excuse for not getting the help needed. Good information and anger management classes online can be started immediately, or a quality in person anger management class can be found in almost any major city in the United States. Don't let anger ruin another important relationships. Learn anger management skills, techniques and strategies today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anger management classes could SAVE your marriage

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions of the human experience. Anger in many ways tells us we are alive but the behavior that follows can often be destructive and damaging to others. Bad behavior, most notibly abusive language and hostile behavior is one of the most common complaints I receive when providing anger management counseling to couples. Either one or both partners style of communication and lack of empathy has eroded the confidence of their partner to the point where they are ready to leave them.

Here are some common signals that it might be time to take an anger management class to help save your marriage:

1. Your partner feels the need to lie to you for fear you might blow up if you told the truth
2. Disagreements escalate quickly and easily even regarding the most mundane topics
3. Your partner has told you that if it weren’t for having kids s/he would leave you
4. Your partner has asked you to move out or leave due to your angry outbursts
5. Your children are scared of you
6. Your partner is scared of you
7. You are unable to make positive changes to your interactions despite how hard you try
8. You have already been court required to take an anger management class
9. You feel out of control and often lack the ability to do the right thing when you do get upset
10. Other loved ones complain about your anger and no longer seek your friendship or time

So before you go and throw in the towel, take a quality anger management course from a well trained, licensed or certified provider. It could make all the difference as to whether your marriage survives or fails.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Online Anger Management Classes from Anger Class Online™ Continue to Gain Acceptance as a Legitimate form of Distance Learning Education

Laguna Beach, CA (July 9, 2010) –AJ Novick Group, Inc is a national provider of anger management programs and the leading provider Online Anger Management Classes and training programs in the country. Their online anger management course, offered through Anger Class Online™, continues to gain acceptance by human resources, EAP programs, attorneys and the judicial system.

Anger Class Online™ was founded in 2006. Since that time, they have provided distance learning education in the field of anger management to participants in every U.S. state in the nation as well as provided programs to residents in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan.

While distance learning education programs are not new, they are relatively new to the field of anger management. “Acceptance of these programs has grown tremendously in the last 4 years”, states Dr. Ari Novick, founder of Anger Class Online™ . “What we’ve experienced is courts all over the nation requesting our materials and requests to demo our online anger management courses”, says Dr. Novick. “A physical class just can’t be the only way to learn anger management skills, and not everyone can attend a physical class due to limitations or restrictions they have either physically, emotionally, or financially”, he continues.

Anger Class Online™ will gladly provide a course preview to any attorney, judge, human resource or court official who would like a demonstration of one of the most comprehensive and professionally developed online anger management class program.

For more information please visit or

Monday, July 05, 2010

How Can an Online Anger Management Class help You?

As one of the leading providers of anger management classes and education, both in a live and online format, we have collected thousands of customer surveys from previous participants who have taken our courses. Amazingly, the reactions and results are remarkably similar, regardless of the format.

For many, an online anger management class is a viable alternative to a traditional class due to the convenience, affordability, and depending on the provider, the quality. A quality online anger management class will incorporate a well known curriculum, such as the Century Anger Management model of intervention. It will also provide a truly interactive experience ensuring comprehension of the material through the use of short quizzes, instructional videos, instructor interaction, and client exercises and the completion of a comprehensive exam.

Here are some of the questions and results taken from our online anger management class participants. On a scale from 0-10 (10 being best):

1. How would you rate the learning experience? Result: 9.5
2. How would you compare this online class to other classes in terms of helpfulness? Result: 9.0
3. How would rate the customer service and instructor support? Result: 9.5
4. Do you feel you better understand how to appropriately express anger and manage stress? Result: 9.2
5. Did this course meet your expectations? Result: 9.8
6. Would you recommend this class to a friend or family member? Result: 9.3
7. How would you rate the usefulness of the course? Result: 9.5
8 How would rate the clarity and ease of use of the program? Result: 9.8

We have continually refined our online program to meet the ever changing demands of our clients. If you or someone you know is struggling with an anger problem, an anger management class might be a great choice. Both live and online programs have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, but we can ensure that courses offered by Anger Class Online will be nothing but exceptional for personal growth or for a court ordered requirement.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc.- Anger Management
Anger Class Online- Online Anger Management Classes