Saturday, December 03, 2005

New Anger Management Certification Training Dates

Our Anger Management Professional Certification training is quickly becoming one of the recognized and used anger management models. With almost 40 participants at our last anger management training seminar in San Bernadino, our training organization, Century Anger Management has expanded its 2006 calendar.

Participants of our last training were so enthusiastic about the ease of use of our model, "The 8 Tools of Anger Control" and our workbook, "Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century" that we sold out of all of our copies at the training. We will be offering new professional certification locations in Long Beach, Ventura and San Diego for the upcoming months of 2006.

We currently have providers through out the state of California and other locations in the U.S. We also have affiliates in Malaysia and are in discussions with other affliates in parts of Europe. For more information about our training and the Century Anger Management model of intervention please visit either or