Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anger has become one of the most highlighted problems in today's world . The United States is experiencing unprecedented unemployment levels , and the stress of modern life in American becoming incredibly stressful , Americans are turning to hostility . Anger is often a bi-product of other more prime emotions such as fear, depression, anxiety or stress.

Recent Bureau of Justice data shows that over half a million victims of workplace violence lose over 1.8 million workdays a year, at a cost of 55 million a year . Americans need anger management now, more than ever. In the workplace, anger control problems not only damage the moral of other employees, and also create an environment where employees don't feel safe which reduces productivity .

Historically , anger in the workplace was viewed as a personal issue . It was something the employee had to deal with on their own. If the employee was lucky , their employer had an EAP program they could refer them too for help . More progressive employers who are cutting edge, will seek out their own anger management training for employees. This preventative intervention is an fantastic cost savings to the company and has lasting benefits to the employee.

First off , the cost to train an employee in anger management is extremely minimal . The second benefit of training employees in anger control is that the company will be less likely to face litigation as a result of an employers bad behavior . Companies will also experience improved moral, less days off, and increased productivity.

Anger control classes can be taken in a variety of settings. From specially designed corporate online anger management programs, to live in person anger management courses. If you are heading up human resources or are in charge of training for a company , consider the risks vs. the benefits of anger management training. The decision to train staff is an easy one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parents Need Anger Management Too!

Raising children can be one of life's most difficult and rewarding challenges. Our annoyance tolerance is constantly challenged every day. kids don't necessarily know they are making us upset (although some do!). Depending on a child's age or developmental stage, they may be doing things inadvertently that create stress or anger in us, as parents, without meaning to do so.

Most parents know that behavior is learned. Where do we acquire skills? Well, you guessed it, from our own primary caregivers. Our children learn on how we respond and react to them. We are teaching them how to exist in the world under pressure, stress and various situations simply by watching us. Some of this happens consciously, while some of it happens without them even knowing it!

We often refer to kids having "sponges" for brains. They take in everything, and quickly. Language acquisition skills are at the peak between the time we are born and about 8 years of age. This is why children who grow up in multi-lingual environments can acquire several languages at once, but older children or adults have a much more difficult time.

Parents who do not have good anger management skills can benefit greatly from taking an anger management class specifically designed for parents. Parents who improve their skills in anger management get two benefits. One, they will be better equipped to not behave badly with with their kids when feeling angry, and 2, their kids also gain skills in handling feelings of displeasure.

Skills specific to educating parents how to better manage anger can be taught either in a live anger management program or in a anger class just for parents taught online. There is no need to wait, skills for anger management can be gained and changes can be made almost immediately. Don't let you or your children suffer, the skills you need are a click away!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anger Management Embraces Celebrities along with the Rest of the Nation

Anger management isn't just for the corrupt, law breaking types, it is even for those seeking some assistance for personal improvement or development. Anger management has reached a whole new level, where even celebrities and professional athletes are being referred to these programs to better manage and control their temper .

Most recently, Montana Fishburne has checked herself in for anger management treatment . Gaining skills to better control irrational behavior has gone totally mainstream. What does this say about our society ? Have we become more hostile ? Are we simply just becoming more comfortable with recognizing it and getting help?

Anger management classes or counseling has become one of the most sought out interventions for those seeking to improve relationship skills. Relationship skills include areas such as increased empathy for others, reducing stress, improving communication, better managing expectations, learning to forgive others and improving judgment and impulse control .

No longer does the general public at large view anger as bad, dirty, or for the "out of control". Anger management should be taught in every educational setting starting in elementary school . Improvement in the aforementioned areas can make life more pleasant because the quality of our relationships with others is improved.

The quality of a relationship can often be evaluated by our behavior vs. what we say. While words are meaningful, our actions say much more. Those with anger problems tend to behave in a way that insults , attacks or intimidates others. While most will never "master anger", anger can be controlled by learning several simply skills that can be gained in either a live physical class or through online anger management classes.

Regardless of the reason, if you think your anger has adversely affected someone you think you love or even liked a lot, get the help you need to day. A simple "google" search will likely yield many possibilities.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Anger Management for the Hot Tempered Rage-o-Holic

Anger management classes are a fantastic way to get your life back together after damaging or destroying a relationship or partnership that you hoped would succeed or flourish . If you are a hot head, or even feel that your temper can get you in trouble, considering an anger management course might be an excellent option .

Even someone with a horrible temper can learn anger management techniques to stay calm, cool and collected in difficult situations. Anger management classes will teach participants very specific coping skills to behave better. These courses eventually teach participants how to better behave when a situation occurs that triggers their anger. The real goal is to improve coping skills so that the default reaction is positive and constructive.

Even those that are court ordered to take an anger management class will benefit from learning new skills. The main issue is keeping and staying motivated to change. Sometimes the issue in staying motivated is simply keeping up with weekly classes. The alternative of course is taking an online anger management class. The advantage to an online course would be the convenience and staying anonymous as well as being able to work at your own pace and schedule.

Taking ownership of an anger problem is the first step in recovery. Until one owns their own anger management problem, they will continue to blame those around them. They often feel others are the reason they behaved badly. A good quality anger management class will teach the participant to take ownership of his/her own anger and bad behavior.

It really doesn't matter how old or young one is. Anger classes can be taken by anyone, at anytime in their lives. Don't allow your rage or angry flair ups to cause any more damage. Get started in a class now!

The beauty of gaining skills to control anger is that they are behavioral changes, not changes to your personality or temperament. Behaving differently is simply a choice. Anger management can help.

Friday, September 10, 2010

College Administration Embraces Anger Management

Across the nation, college campus staff actively seek anger management classes or counseling as a undeniable resource for promoting students to better manage and control bad behavior. Anger management is typically used for either one of two main categories:

1. As part of risk management for the University or College
2. As part of a disciplinary action, requiring the student to take the class to return to school

Anger Class Online provides various options in gaining skills in anger management using their world class online courses that are convenient, cost effective, and results oriented. For most college students , finding and attending a weekly class can be extremely difficult. This can be due in part to finding a class near by or finding classes that are at times that do not conflict with school . Often, school counseling centers do not have the ability or staff to provide anger management services .

Anger Class Online offers several length classes that college students can use to help meet either a mandatory requirement or simply for personal growth . College administrators also have a unique option to oversee the progress of a particular student by buying the class using our "corporate packages" section of our website. This corporate area is ideal for supervisors, or other high level administrator to watch or monitor a particular students progress in the online anger management class.

Students can expect to learn skills in empathy, assertive communication, expectation management, forgiveness, stress management, improving judgment and impulse control, improving self-talk, and much more.

Students who are local can also come to a live in person class here at our corporate office, or simply register for our online anger management class alternative.