Friday, April 23, 2010

Do you need an Anger Management Class?

Anger is one of the most damaging and destructive of all human emotions. Unbridled anger could cause you to lose your job, ruin a relationship or even go to jail. For most people who suffer from anger related problems, often report that they aren’t angry all the time, but when they do get angry their behavior is terrible. So, how can one determine if they need to take an anger management class or get one/one coaching for anger management? A quick and easy way to do this would be to take a simple survey online to assess your anger. Another way to do this would be to take a more formal anger assessment from a licensed psychotherapist or certified anger management professional.

One you have determined that an anger management program would be appropriate, the next step would be to better understand what you’ll learn. Most anger management programs cover skills in stress management, assertive communication, expectation management, empathy, forgiveness, improving self-talk and optimism and taking time-outs. Participants can expect to learn these skills using a structured program which usually involves having a client workbook present for each session and home work assignments between sessions. .

Anger management classes can be take either in person in a group setting or in an online anger course. Classes can also be taken in a one/one format as well as in weekend accelerated workshops.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Anger Class Online® the right choice for Online Anger Management Classes

Since 2006, Anger Class Online® has been the leading national and international provider of online anger management classes. Classes can be taken from any location in the U.S. or abroad from any computer with Internet access. Their programs are robust and offer the most sophisticated online learning environment available for anger management. Classes cover the "8 tools of anger control" featured in the Century Anger Management model of intervention.

Whether you have a court ordered requirement, a requirement for continued employment or simply for personal growth, Anger Class Online® is the right choice.

Contact our office for more information or download our brochure and pass it on. To register or to learn more visit at

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