Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Recent Family Violence Project Conference

The AJ Novick Group was recently an exhibitor at the Family Violence Project conference for "Children in Need" last month. This was an excellent conference on protecting children and adolescents from danger and violence at home, school, and in their communities. We were asked to exhibit at this conference due to our involvement helping teens through the Orange County Sheriff's Department youth diversion program. Adolescent violence and aggression is becoming an epidemic and this conference focused on interventions working with youth. Judge Pamela Isles was the key note speaker and she gave wonderful information on the cycle of violence from the perspective of a Superior Court judge.

Anger management is an extremely effective intervention working with adolescents. It teaches them concrete skills in a variety of areas including judgment and impulse control, effective communication, stress management, forgiveness, emotional awareness, self-talk, expectation management, and much more. Our approach, using the Century Anger Management model has been highly effective working with adolescents. The feedback from the Sheriffs department has been extremely positive and we hope that more parents will turn to Anger Management to help their children with learning these effective strategies.

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