Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anger Management Classes: How to Get the Most for your Money?

Anger Management classes can vary greatly in both price and quality. How does the consumer know what to pay for a quality anger management class. Does low cost mean poor quality? Does high price mean exceptional quality? There may be exceptions in either instance. As a general guide, anger management classes should be “reasonably” priced. What does reasonable mean? Reasonable is based on what other anger management courses cost in a given geographic region as well as courses offered by those with similar education, experience and training. Those with less experience or who are new in business might charge less simply to bring more customers to their business, but the quality of the program may be lacking. Others who charge more may do so because their expertise has been honed in for many years and the quality of their program is top notch.

In general, rather than just simply shopping anger management programs for price, shop them for quality, expertise, experience, years in business, and program format. We have seen live anger management classes range from $20 a class session all the way up to $65 a class session. With online anger management classes, the price is more difficult to determine because prices are usually listed for the TOTAL cost of the class and not by class session. In general, if an 8 week class were to cost $35 per session, the total cost of the class would be $280.00 plus an enrollment free and possibly a material fee. This might make the class cost $350 total. In contrast a quality online anger management class might cost closer to $10-$20 a class session. In this case, an 8 hour online anger management class might cost about $195.00 making it a better value overall, but a totally different experience.

So, how do you get the most value for your money? Simply decide which format you want to take, either live or online, then decide what amount seems reasonable to you. Ask yourself the questions we posted above regarding quality, expertise, experience, years in business, and program format and you should be able to make a good informed decision.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Anger Management Expert, Dr. Ari Novick featured on CNN News

Dr. Ari Novick was featured on CNN’s network show Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell as their anger management panel expert covering the recent Jet Blue incident involving the airline flight attendant who lost his cool.

While some of the panel members argued the flight attendant did the right thing by fighting back against a rude passenger by making this “statement” , most would agree it his behavior was totally inappropriate.

While venting feels extremely good in the moment, it often has a huge cost. In the case of Mr. Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant, he not only lost his job, but is now under investigation with criminal charges pending.

Flight attendants are under an enormous amount of stress, and this incident speaks loudly and clearly for airlines to put their flight attendants through anger management classes and training.

Flight attendance simply do not get trained in how to better manage their own stress more effectively. Prevention is key. We gladly invite the FAA to contact our agency to discuss how such training could be implemented.

Information about his anger management training or online anger management classes for employees