Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anger Management Classes Can Help Road Rage

In the last year our referrals for road rage related anger management have sky rocketed. According to a recently released national survey, when a driver gets the finger, is cut off or tailgated, 50 percent of the victims respond with horn honking, yelling, cutting-off, and obscene gestures of their own. The survey, administered by Response Insurance, revealed that 34 percent of drivers say they honk their horn at the aggressor, 27 percent yell, 19 percent give the finger back, 17 percent flash their headlights, and 7 percent mimic the initial aggressive driving behavior. Two percent of drivers admit to trying to run the aggressor off the road.

What do all the these statistics mean if you fall into one of these categories? It might be time to get some help. Quality anger management classes which utilize a cognitive-behaviorally based approach tend to have good results for those seeking to improve their aggressive and hostile driving tactics. Aggressive driving behavior is usually a result of both poor judgment and impulse control. By learning skills in anger management, such as learning to respond instead of react, improving self-talk, becoming more optimistic, and managing expectations, one can expect to reduce their frequency of aggressive driving.

One quality choice for improving these skills is to consider our online anger management class, which can be taken from any location in the US or abroad with a computer and internet access.

The second option if you are local to southern California, is to enroll in either an anger management class or one/one anger management coaching.

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How I Gained Skills in Anger Management

By Ari Novick, Ph.D.

The issue of credentials is an important one when seeking professional help. I often get asked this question by consumers, prospective clients, as well as the media when contacted about our programs, products and services. Anger management is a specialized field and requires additional training. It can be a stand alone certification process for some or a specialization for a licensed and trained psychotherapist.

As for my journey, after finishing my first post graduate degree in clinical psychology at Pepperdine University, I began the long and rigorous road of becoming a licensed and trained psychotherapist. This process took several years beyond completing my Masters degree working in a variety of internships and mental health placements until all the requirements were met to sit for two very difficult licensing exams. I had amazing supervisors and a sound academic and clinical foundation. I knew in addition to my general education as a psychotherapist, I needed specialized training and education in a niche.

In the process of all of this, I started by taking several workshops in the field of anger management, which was a topic of interest to me, from a prominent and competent psychotherapist who offered training in the field of anger management. This was an amazing start, to a much longer journey. I then began to take as many other workshops and trainings related to anger management and aggression that I could find all over the country, but I still yearned to learn more.

In little time, I realized anger management was an area of specialization that I wanted explore thoroughly and better understand. I continued in academia and entered a Ph.D. program at the California Graduate Institute (A Professional School in Psychology) and spend 4 more years of school broadening my understanding of clinical psychology. For two and a half years I focused all my efforts researching anger management and anger management inventions, and everything I could find that was published in the field. It took me a little over a year and a half of research until I had finally completed a full literature review on the topic of anger management that was accepted for use in my dissertation. In the final year of completing my Ph.D. degree I worked diligently to write a well focused dissertation in the field of anger management. This included an original pilot study, testing interventions and developing a methodology that could then be further expanded. It was a lot of work and took perhaps thousands of hours of research and writing. During this time I was blessed and fortunate enough to become friends with one of the greatest anger management mentors of all time, Raymond Novaco, Ph.D., who is a professor at UCI. Dr. Novaco was kind enough to help give guidance and support during this difficult process as well as necessary feedback. There are only a handful of groundbreaking researchers in the field of anger management, and I was lucky enough to gain insight and guidance from one of the best.

In 2006 my formal training was complete and I was now able to represent myself as a both a well trained psychotherapist, and also an expert in the field of anger management. With the use of my research and then the help of my friend and psychologist, Tony Fiore, Ph.D., we were able to co-write one of the most complete and professional anger management curiculums and training programs available. Our program has received numerous approvals and has been accepted for use throughout the county in probation departments, courts, businesses, religious organizations, governmental agencies and much more. Most recently we were asked to train 20 employees who will be providing anger management training in all 33 California state prisons. Our curriculum is currently used in 5 countries and is available in both English and Spanish.

I maintain a thriving private practice as a licensed psychotherapist and anger management provider. I also am the co-founder of Century Anger Management, a leading national provider of anger management certification. In 2006, I launched one of the most innovative online anger management courses available in the nation, and in 2007, I was asked to come on board as an adjunct Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

For information about our corporation and programs, visit our website at AJ Novick Group, Inc.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 12 Reasons to Choose Anger Class Online for Anger Management

12 Reasons to Choose Anger Class Online

* Satisfy a Court, Legal or Employment Requirement

* Most reliable and trusted online anger management provider on the Internet

* Start immediately after registration!

* Certificate of Completion Awarded

* Access Anytime & Self-Paced Format

* Affordable, Convenient and User Friendly

* Developed by Licensed Experts

* Nationally Accepted

* 24/7 Email Support

* Free Certificate Verification, Instant Downloadable Certificate*

* Available in all 50 U.S. States, Canada and Abroad

* Fully Guaranteed

Registration of the finest online anger management classes can be found by visiting our website.

For more information, please contact:

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

On-site Anger Management for Businesses

Anger management is often a term associated with the legal system or other punitive associations. It is important for both large and small business owners to realize is that anger management is not punative, but rather a neccessary training component to a successful business. By providing an on-site anger management training skills to your staff you can ensure that they will learn how to:

1. Communicate Assertively
2. Learn skills to better handle workplace stress
3. Increase empathy towards co-workers
4. Improve judgment and impulse control
5. Manage expectations of self and other
6. Diffuse hostile interactions with others
7. Develop a more cohesive team environment
8. Avoid a “group think” mentality

Anger management training is often viewed as a cost savings because workplace lawsuits that involve violence or harassment against another employee can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For more information on our workplace programs, executive coaching or online anger management classes exclusively for employees, please contact our office.

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