Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anger has become one of the most highlighted problems in today's world . The United States is experiencing unprecedented unemployment levels , and the stress of modern life in American becoming incredibly stressful , Americans are turning to hostility . Anger is often a bi-product of other more prime emotions such as fear, depression, anxiety or stress.

Recent Bureau of Justice data shows that over half a million victims of workplace violence lose over 1.8 million workdays a year, at a cost of 55 million a year . Americans need anger management now, more than ever. In the workplace, anger control problems not only damage the moral of other employees, and also create an environment where employees don't feel safe which reduces productivity .

Historically , anger in the workplace was viewed as a personal issue . It was something the employee had to deal with on their own. If the employee was lucky , their employer had an EAP program they could refer them too for help . More progressive employers who are cutting edge, will seek out their own anger management training for employees. This preventative intervention is an fantastic cost savings to the company and has lasting benefits to the employee.

First off , the cost to train an employee in anger management is extremely minimal . The second benefit of training employees in anger control is that the company will be less likely to face litigation as a result of an employers bad behavior . Companies will also experience improved moral, less days off, and increased productivity.

Anger control classes can be taken in a variety of settings. From specially designed corporate online anger management programs, to live in person anger management courses. If you are heading up human resources or are in charge of training for a company , consider the risks vs. the benefits of anger management training. The decision to train staff is an easy one.

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