Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Want to Learn A Stress Management Technique?

The Freeze-frame Technique for self-soothing

The Institute of HeartMath has developed an excellent exercise called “freeze-frame” which is ideal for self-soothing during your retreat time. The best part is while it only takes a couple of minutes to do it, the results can be quite astounding. The technique is based on the idea that, like movies, our conscious life is made up of up of a series of incidents – or frames- strung together over time. When flooded and overwhelmed, it helps to stop the movie—or freeze just one frame. This frame can be the conflict you had with your partner before leaving to regroup and marshal your emotional resources.

Once you freeze this frame in your mind (you can close your eyes, or not, depending on what makes you feel comfortable), put your hand on your heart and pretend your heart is “breathing” as you inhale and exhale. Make a sincere effort to shift your focus away from you racing mind or disturbed emotions to the area around your heart.

As you relax and calm down, try recalling the feeling of a positive time or experience you’ve had in your life-or a good or fun time you have had.

Now, using your intuition, common sense and sincerity ask your heart what would be a better response to the situation, one that would repair the damage to your relationship. Then, listen to what your heart answers to your question.

Don’t worry if you have trouble recalling that positive time or experience – the technique will help you even if you just feel neutral – instead of positive- during this step.

Believe it or not, recent scientific research is showing that the heart (and also your gut) actually may be able to do some of what your brain does in terms of giving you answers; it may be that your heart actually can function like a little satellite of the brain – and hence may be able to give you some answers – just like your brain does.

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