Monday, April 07, 2008

Online Anger Management Classes Exclusively for Corporations

The AJ Novick Group launched one of the most innovative online anger management class programs of its kind in early 2006 ( Since its launch, requests from corporate America has been surging.

“For many employers and human resource professionals, finding an anger management program for an employee can be difficult, time consuming, and problematic for the employee,” says Dr. Ari Novick, founder of AJ Novick Group and Anger Class Online. “Employers need an effective, affordable, and efficient way to train employees without having to massive time away from work,” says Dr. Novick. “We have created an online anger management class specifically for employees that can be monitored by the employer or company representative to ensure successful completion an comprehension,” explains Dr. Novick.

These specialized online anger management classes for employees are timed and every employee is required to pass short quizzes before they are able to move to the next lesson. Each employee is also monitored with an employee “log”. This log will show their progress though the course including which quizzes were passed and how much time was spent on each lesson. It will also show the time they logged in and out of the program. Once the employee finishes the course, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the employer. Dr. Novick says, “The employer has the ability to purchase the courses in bundles and assign them to any employee who needs to take a class”.

Corporate online anger management classes are ideal for employees who need an anger management class as part of a preventative skills training or as a requirement of a disciplinary action. “We are pleased to be able to bring to market an innovative product such as this one, and continue to strive to deliver high quality and comprehensive programs to the public”, explains Dr. Novick. For more information visit

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group- Anger Management

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