Monday, April 21, 2008

Anger Management Expert to Appear on Radio Talk Show

Dr. Ari Novick, president of the AJ Novick Group will be appearing on a popular east coast radio show in the coming weeks. Dr. Novick was selected after the host of the show actually participated in one of his anger management programs. After completing the program, he was so impressed that he asked if Dr. Novick would be willing to discuss the Century Anger Management model, which Dr. Novick is the co-founder of as well as discuss how anger management classes work. The general public is often misinformed about what is involved in taking an anger management class and what one should expect to learn. Dr. Novick will explain the "8 Tools of Anger Control" in detail as well as answer questions from callers.

More on this exciting interview will be posted in the coming weeks.

For information on anger management classes contact Dr. Ari Novick at 949 715-2694

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