Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make Anger Management a Part of Your Every Day Life

Anger management can be viewed as a set of skills. Those that have a high degree of skills tend to better manage their anger then those that do not. Skills in anger management include 1) Good communication 2) Empathy towards others 3)Excellent impulse control 4) Expectation Management 5) Ability to manage stress 6) Forgiveness 7) Responding instead of reacting, and 8) Having positive self-talk

So, where can one learn these skills? Anger management can be learned by taking a class. Anger management classes are typically offered by trained professionals with either certifications or licensed clinicians (such as Marriage and Family Therapists) who have a specialization in the field. These classes can be taken either in a group setting on a weekly basis, taken one/one in the form of coaching or as an online anger management class.

The manner in which the information is learned is a preference, depending on ones schedule and lifestyle. Anger can often have lasting and damaging effects on those you love. Anger tends to erode relationships with loved ones the most, such as children, spouses and family members. Don't let your anger ruin another relationship when these skills can be learned and integrated into ones life. Get started today!

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