Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Kids Depend on Your Parenting for Better Anger Control

Parenting Style and Anger Management

Much research suggests that parenting style can actually effect the behavior of teenagers.  Parents need to better understand the impact they have on their children and recognize their parenting style makes a difference in how their children are going in interact with other people as the grow up.

1. Authoritarians are like bossy people, they bark out orders without thinking about feelings.  They are the ones bossing their kids around and barking out rules.  They will punish their kids but put little effort into rewards or show a lot of warmth.

2. Permissive parents often are the ones that simply don't pay close attention to the kids.  The set very poor boundaries and let their kids run free to do as they wish without much thought or concern.  They might think they are doing their teens a favor by being their friends, but in reality they are setting them up to fail by not showing them they care what they do.

3. Authoritative parents set appropriate boundaries, use warmth and love, and have appropriate discipline.  They help guide their children in making good decisions and foster an open and clear line of communication to talk. 

Parents can learn skills to help improve how their children behave by taking an anger management class.  Contrary to popular belief, anger management classes are not just about being angry!  They teach skills to help improve interpersonal relationships. 

Regardless of where you live, you can take an online anger management class or have access to specific classes just for anger management and parenting.

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