Friday, July 09, 2010

Online Anger Management Classes from Anger Class Online™ Continue to Gain Acceptance as a Legitimate form of Distance Learning Education

Laguna Beach, CA (July 9, 2010) –AJ Novick Group, Inc is a national provider of anger management programs and the leading provider Online Anger Management Classes and training programs in the country. Their online anger management course, offered through Anger Class Online™, continues to gain acceptance by human resources, EAP programs, attorneys and the judicial system.

Anger Class Online™ was founded in 2006. Since that time, they have provided distance learning education in the field of anger management to participants in every U.S. state in the nation as well as provided programs to residents in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan.

While distance learning education programs are not new, they are relatively new to the field of anger management. “Acceptance of these programs has grown tremendously in the last 4 years”, states Dr. Ari Novick, founder of Anger Class Online™ . “What we’ve experienced is courts all over the nation requesting our materials and requests to demo our online anger management courses”, says Dr. Novick. “A physical class just can’t be the only way to learn anger management skills, and not everyone can attend a physical class due to limitations or restrictions they have either physically, emotionally, or financially”, he continues.

Anger Class Online™ will gladly provide a course preview to any attorney, judge, human resource or court official who would like a demonstration of one of the most comprehensive and professionally developed online anger management class program.

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