Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anger management classes could SAVE your marriage

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions of the human experience. Anger in many ways tells us we are alive but the behavior that follows can often be destructive and damaging to others. Bad behavior, most notibly abusive language and hostile behavior is one of the most common complaints I receive when providing anger management counseling to couples. Either one or both partners style of communication and lack of empathy has eroded the confidence of their partner to the point where they are ready to leave them.

Here are some common signals that it might be time to take an anger management class to help save your marriage:

1. Your partner feels the need to lie to you for fear you might blow up if you told the truth
2. Disagreements escalate quickly and easily even regarding the most mundane topics
3. Your partner has told you that if it weren’t for having kids s/he would leave you
4. Your partner has asked you to move out or leave due to your angry outbursts
5. Your children are scared of you
6. Your partner is scared of you
7. You are unable to make positive changes to your interactions despite how hard you try
8. You have already been court required to take an anger management class
9. You feel out of control and often lack the ability to do the right thing when you do get upset
10. Other loved ones complain about your anger and no longer seek your friendship or time

So before you go and throw in the towel, take a quality anger management course from a well trained, licensed or certified provider. It could make all the difference as to whether your marriage survives or fails.

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