Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Master the 8 Tools of Anger Control!

The Century Anger Management model of intervention is based on 8 methods or “tools” for improving anger management. These 8 tools include: Stress management, empathy/emotional intelligence, learn to respond instead of react, changing internal dialog, assertive communication, expectation management, forgiveness, and taking time-outs and cools downs.

This model is used by trained Century Anger Management facilitators throughout the United States and in 5 foreign countries around the world. Participants of these programs can expect to gain skills to better improve their anger and stress management. This model has been adapted for use in weekly group sessions, one/one anger management coaching, couples anger management, on-site training for large or small corporations as well as innovative online anger management classes.

This approach uses well written client materials with most interventions having empirical data to support their success. Programs typically include an assessment evaluation and other ancillary material to provide a high quality learning experience to the consumer.

Anger management in a journey in self-improvement. It is not something that just happens by thinking about changing or by a miracle. Learning to better manage and control ones anger comes from being exposed to a innovative and easy to understand approach and continued practice of these new skills.

Don’t wait until your anger has ruined or destroyed another important relationship. Get the help you need by learning about anger management classes or even taking an online anger management class today.

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