Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 quick Stress Management Tips for Anger Management

Top stress reducing activities one can find immediately benefit from would include:

Tip 1: Getting regular exercise. While this might seem so intuitive, it is often overlooked by so many people. Unless you have a medical condition that prohibits exercise or your doctor says "no", getting exercise has almost instant stress relieving properties. My favorite kind of exercise is anything that is fun! Just make sure its 30 minutes or longer and cardiovascular.

Tip 2: Sleep. Sounds easy right? Not really. Lack of sleep causes irritability and a decrease tolerance to life stressors. Most adults need about 7-8 hours a night. If your not getting enough rest, you might find yourself getting upset faster and behaving worse than you normally do. Regular and consistent sleep can be a huge step towards stress management and anger management.

Tip 3: Diet. Believe it or not, diet does effect our stress levels. For example, caffeine is like adding fuel to the fire when we are trying to reduce stress. It mimics the stress response in the body and reduces our ability to tolerate normal situations. By watching our caffeine intake we can greatly reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of stress.

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