Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learn Emotional Intelligence in Anger Management Classes

Emotional intelligence or "EQ" is a term that describes ones ability ability to perceive, control, regulate, and evaluate emotions in ones self and others.  Those with high EQ tend to have more fulfilling relationships, are better leaders, and are viewed as excellent listeners.  They are socially adept and tend to make people feel comfortable by the strong capacity for empathy and emotional attunement.

Unlike our "IQ", which is based on genetics and essentially does not change, our emotionally intelligence can.  Skills in empathy and emotionalintelligence can help increase ones ability to connect better with others and reduce conflict.

People with high degrees of emotional intelligence tend to do the following:
1. Are extremely self-aware
2. Are conscious of other peoples feelings
3. Are straightforward and assertive
4. Can balance personal and work commitments well
5. Can easliy put other people at ease
6. Connect with others by identifying and relating to their experiences

While some researches believe that high EQ is innate, most agree that emotional intelligence can be learned.  An excellent way to gain skills in emotional intelligence is to take an anger management class which specifically addresses this topic.  While anger management is often stigmatized as punitive, quality and professionally trained anger management professionals will make the learning experience nothing but exceptional.  These skills can be taught in a live setting or even in a well known and respected online anger management class

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