Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to tell if YOU have an anger management problem

Anger is one of life's most dangerous emotions and it's effects can be lasting and devastating.  For many people, the recognition that they might have an "anger management problem" is often overlooked.  Angry people or even not so angry people that have occasional outbursts of bad or hostile behavior might be at risk.  Anger tends to destroy relationships over time.  Sometimes it happens quickly but most of the time it is a long, slow process that eventually drives others away.  While anger is not a diagnosable disorder, an anger management problem does follow some of the same general guidelines clinicians use to determine other psychological disorders, such as depression or anxiety.  Here are some things to consider, and again, this is only a guideline:

1. Do you feel angry much of the time or do other view you as angry much of the time each day

2. Has your anger gotten in the way of you doing normal activities?

3. Has your anger effected your ability to maintain a relationship in your personal life?

4. Has your anger effected your ability to maintain a relationship in your occupation?

5. Does your anger last longer that would seem normal or reasonable?

6. Do you lack good judgment or impulse control when you do get upset?

7. Is your anger so intense that it either scares you or others?

If your answered "yes" to many of these questions, it might be a good idea to have a visit with an anger management expert or consider taking an anger management class or online anger management class.  These programs will help address these above issues as well as teach the participants tangible skills for better managing and controlling their anger.  Don't let anger ruin another day for yourself or have it adversely effect the ones you love in your life.  Get the help you need today.

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