Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Anger Management, A relationship Saver?

Anger can be one of the most devastating of all emotions and the behaviors that that follow can often cause even more damage. In relationships, those that do not possess good anger management skills often say or do hurtful or mean spirited things to their partner. Hours later they often feel guilty for what they have done, but by that time, the damage is done.

Unlike marriage counseling, anger management is aimed at teaching participants how to change their thinking and behavior in some very specific areas. It is structured like a class and most participants will receive a workbook to practice homework assignments in between the sessions. Couples can often take classes together or one partner can take them separately.

Participants will learn how to communicate more effectively with each other, better manage stress and show more empathy. Classes typically also teach skills in forgiveness, improving judgment and impulse control and staying calm in difficult situations.

Most anger management classes can be taken in a group format, one on one coaching or through an online anger management class. Why let your anger ruin or even destroy a relationship that is meaningful to you? Starting an anger management class is a great first step to making the change you need.

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