Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anger Management Classes Can Help Road Rage

In the last year our referrals for road rage related anger management have sky rocketed. According to a recently released national survey, when a driver gets the finger, is cut off or tailgated, 50 percent of the victims respond with horn honking, yelling, cutting-off, and obscene gestures of their own. The survey, administered by Response Insurance, revealed that 34 percent of drivers say they honk their horn at the aggressor, 27 percent yell, 19 percent give the finger back, 17 percent flash their headlights, and 7 percent mimic the initial aggressive driving behavior. Two percent of drivers admit to trying to run the aggressor off the road.

What do all the these statistics mean if you fall into one of these categories? It might be time to get some help. Quality anger management classes which utilize a cognitive-behaviorally based approach tend to have good results for those seeking to improve their aggressive and hostile driving tactics. Aggressive driving behavior is usually a result of both poor judgment and impulse control. By learning skills in anger management, such as learning to respond instead of react, improving self-talk, becoming more optimistic, and managing expectations, one can expect to reduce their frequency of aggressive driving.

One quality choice for improving these skills is to consider our online anger management class, which can be taken from any location in the US or abroad with a computer and internet access.

The second option if you are local to southern California, is to enroll in either an anger management class or one/one anger management coaching.

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