Friday, June 10, 2011

Anger Management Classes Can Be Learned Online

Ah, the debate continues, can anger management classes be learned online or can it only be learned in a classroom setting?  The U.S. Department of Education recently conducted a study comparing traditional learning with what is now called "E-Learning".  Online or distance learning education is one of the fastest growing trends in the globe.   What many used to believe was "distance learning", was video conferencing, educational television, or correspondence courses.

The E-Learning of today is so sophisticated, it's no surprise that research studies are showing that is is simply becoming more effective for learning.  Distance education uses a wide range of technologies that were previously unavailable with older generations of distance learning.  This includes multi-media, personalized learned response techniques, and easier ability to present information.

As an instructor of anger management classes for many years both live and online, I have witnessed first hand how skills in this area are acquired.  There is no question in my mind that anger management can be acquired both in a live or online setting.  The real issue is who is teaching the class, what is the program used and how is the course being delivered?  Just as all live programs are not the same, neither are the E-learning programs that are available to the public. 

The internet is flooded with new programs all the time, so it is best for the consumer to choose a program from a reputable, well know and respected online educator with a proven track record.  The same advice could also be said for those seeking a live program.  Look to take classes from a provider who is licensed or certified to teach anger management.  Find out what curriculum they are using, such as the Century Anger Management program and learn how long they have been offering these classes.

Whether you need to take a an anger control class for a legal anger management requirement or simply for personal growth, be open minded to the type of educational instruction you receive.  Both formats have distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it is really a matter of personal desire.

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