Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will Anger Management Classes Really Work?

Taking an anger management class isn't right for everyone
There, I said it. Not everyone is a candidate for anger management. Yes, the skills taught in these courses would likely help anyone. Most would agree that learning how to be a better communicator or how to improve skills in expectation management would be beneficial. And yes, most good anger management classes will teach skills in empathy and improving judgment and impulse control. Still, some might not be a match for such classes. You might be thinking, who couldn't benefit from learning how to do all these things more appropriately?

Motivation is the Key to Change
Quite frankly, if one isn't motivated to change, it really doesn't matter how great the class is or what is taught in the program. On a recent phone call, I was asked by a man how quickly he could finish his class so he could "get on with his life" and not have to worry about this "crap". He went on to say "I don't really want to learn anything because I'm not an angry person". My response was, "anger management isn't "crap" and speediness isn't the cure". Anger management is set of skills, actually a series of skills that must first be understood, then practiced. Since motivation is such a critical factor, the speed which someone takes a class is much less important. The participant still wont change. The motivation to succeed at anything is usually the first predictor of potential success. So before you sign up, ask yourself, "Am I really motivated to change".

Anger Management Classes Come in all Shapes and Sizes
These days, anger management can be learned many different ways. For some, taking group anger management classes is most helpful while for others being seen one on one seems to have the most benefit. Anger Management Classes online is another great option. These programs do not require the need to drive, and are incredibly convenient and and are very cost effective. Regardless of the format, anger classes can be a great match for those that really want to make serious changes to how they interact towards when they do get upset. Perhaps give it a try and see how you do. You might be surprised.

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