Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Get The Best Anger Management Class You Can

What makes a great anger management class? Anger management classes can vary greatly, both in terms of content, but also in delivery. Both of these elements need to be considered when choosing an anger management course. You can have great content, but if the delivery method is terrible, it will make it difficult to learn.

Have you ever attended a program where the instruction was so painfully boring that you wanted to pull your hair out? It wouldn't matter how wonderful the material was, if you can't connect with how the materials are being presented, boredom sets in fast. Instruction in anger management is very similar. If one can't make a good connection with the presentation, then learning is going to be impaired.

Anger management classes are typically taught one of 3 ways.

1. Offered in a group environment
2. In a one/one or coaching capacity
3. Taught in an online class

If the anger management class is taken in a group setting the teacher should have appropriate credentials to teach the class. This would mean they are either certified in anger management or are licensed as a psychotherapist and also have specialized training in anger management. If the group is homogeneous, such as a group of corporate executives, then the language and examples can be more complex and intellectual. If the group is comprised of high school age teens, then the tone and content would need to be adjusted to fit this audience. An anger management class should be fun, uplifting, interesting and engaging. The content needs to be from a reliable program, such as the Century Anger Management curriculum.

One on one coaching should be an engaging and didactic experience where the student and instructor are working close together on very specific skills. Most one on one sessions will start with an assessment to determine areas that the client needs to focus on. Then the instructor can then focus on those specific skills to help the client improve. This might be in areas such as communication, stress management, empathy, or expectation management.

Finally, anger management classes can also be taken in an online format. These programs should be carefully reviewed. Take a program from a reputable provider with listed credentials. Advantages include 24 hour access to the class, a self-paced environment, and the ability to plan course time around ones schedule. Quality online courses will teach the same concepts from a live class, but are delivered in a format that is user friendly and easy to understand.

Regardless of the format, finding the right anger management course can be challenging. Just create a checklist of the things that are important to you, then seek out a program that matches those objectives.

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