Monday, November 22, 2010

4 Useful Anger Management Tips for the Holidays

So the question beckons, "is there a an fast way to not get so absolutely angry?". The answer to that question is both simple and complex. Anger is an feeling. Scientists still don't know if we truly have "control" over our emotions. Regardless of that answer, we do know that we have control over our behavior.

There is a common myth that has circulated over the years that other people can "make us" behave badly. That position is obviously flawed because by taking it we essentially are blaming anything we do wrong on the other person, thus making our actions the responsibility of others. While our emotions might be hard to control, we always have control over how we want to respond and react to any given situation. And, by the way, being in a bad mood or having a bad day doesn't give anyone the right to behave horribly towards others.

Here are a few anger management tips that can be gained in any quality anger management class:

1. Learn to be a better communicator of your feelings and wants. Most people really have a hard time with this simple change. They tend to behave aggressively and don't know how to explain to others what is really going on emotionally or what they need from the other person in order for them to change. Learning how to be assertive is a skill easily acquired in a quality online anger management class or in person anger course.

2. Gain skills in Stress Management. Gaining skills in stress management can make you feel better and not snap as easily. Simple techniques in stress management include getting regular exercise, eating appropriately, meditating, and getting adequate sleep. Stress is often viewed as a silent killer. We can't see all the destruction stress causes internally to our physical body or psychologically. If you don't have good coping skills for stress management, these can also be learned in a trusted anger management course.

3. Learn how to Forgive and Let go. By learning how to forgive, we let go of a lot of emotional baggage that we carry around. Forgiving isn't just good for your psychological health, but also has helps physical health too. You don't have to forget what happened, but by learning to let go, you free yourself of the emotional suffering carried by holding a grudge or not forgiving someone in your life.

4. Gain skills in Empathy. Most people who suffer with anger lack good skills in emotional intelligence. Empathy is important because it connects us with others and lets others know we can feel what they are feeling. Lack of empathy causes problems in almost all interpersonal interactions and creates significant impairment in non personal situations such as being put on hold while on the telephone. Again, these skills can be learned in a quality anger management program.

Don't let your anger create problems any longer. Anger is one emotion we all emote, but letting our anger control our lives can erode meaningful relationships. Find a certified or licensed anger management class, and get the help you need.

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