Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Corporations and Courts Utilize Anger Class Online’s Quality Courses

It is often difficult for business owners to address hostile or aggressive employees. Workplace violence and aggression cost companies millions of dollars each year in lost revenue, waves and lawsuits. Moreover, resources for getting help can be limited and often costly. Anger Class Online’s corporate programs is an excellent alternative for employers to consider because the classes can be purchases and assigned to the employee immediately. Employers also have the option to monitor the progress of the employee and view the course at anytime. Classes can be purchased individually or in reduced fee packages.

Anger Class Online™ has been the industry leading provider of online anger management classes since 2006. Their online classes are the most widely accepted and utilized programs available in the nation. They offer specialized programs for both corporations and small businesses that would like to have an employee take an anger management class as well as standard programs for individuals interested in taking an anger management class for a court, legal or personal need.

Participants of these programs can expect to learn skills in expectation management, assertive communication, stress management, emotional intelligence, improving judgment and impulse control, forgivness, optimism, empathy, and skills for staying calm in difficult situations.

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Ari Novick, Ph.D.
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