Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can Anger Be Eliminated?

This is a common question asked by many people seeking help with their own anger management. Contrary to popular belief, anger is not a bad emotion. Anger can sometimes be a necessary emotion and one that sets us into action to avoid danger or perceived threat. If the emotion of anger could be eliminated we would be void of one of life’s most powerful and sometimes needed emotions.

The real issue isn’t the feeling of anger, but the behavior that follows. For many people, they wish they wouldn’t ever get angry because they simply don’t like the way the behave when they do get upset. Sadly, they often have a feeling of helplessness. The golden rule of anger management is that we all are in control of our own behaviors. Other people don’t “make” us feel angry or “make” us behave badly. Behavior is a choice, it’s not something that is forced upon us.

The next issue to address is “how” to behave differently. We often have clients that want to behave better when they get upset, they just simply don’t know how to. This is usually do to a lack of skills developed around learning how to better manage and control their anger. They lack coping skills in communication, stress management, expectation management, empathy, forgiveness and other key areas.

Learning these skills can greatly improve ones ability to handle one of life’s most difficult emotions, anger. Anger management classes teach these skills and help individuals better confront the emotion of anger and improve interpersonal relationships. Why wait to have anger ruin another important relationship? Get started today!

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