Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Weekend Anger Management Workshops

Many of our clients like to attend our 4-hour Saturday morning or afternoon anger management classes. We offer two separate classes for both adults and teenagers. These workshops are ideal for those who would like to be exposed to basic skills in anger management, assertive communication, empathy, forgiveness, improving self-talk, expectation managment, stress management, and learning how to have better judgement and impulse control.

These classes can be used as a first time exposure to anger management, as a gift for a loved one, for those with busy schedules who can not attend a weekly class or for those that simply would like to learn a more effective way to improve their relationships with loved ones, co-workers, or classmates. These classes are perfect for employees, students, individuals, couples, and those seeking to better understand how to manage and control their anger and aggression towards others.

These workshops are offered every third Saturday of the month. Space is limited to 10 participants per class and they do fill up. To register online, visit or call (949) 715-2694.

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